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                             919.655.0432      www.kidzpiks.com    Apex, NC

What is kidzpiks?

Kidzpiks is piks for kidz.
(Young or old, clean or dirty. If you are are a kid ... we're for you!)

Kidzpiks was started by a custom photographer/mom/wife/entrepreneur who asked herself ... "why do we do what we do the way we do? Why can't we do what we do, differently?" Out of those super-confusing questions came Kidzpiks; a cross between the traditional chains and custom photographers, combining the best of both worlds!



What features came from which world?

From the chains: Shorter sessions, less expensive prices, keep it simple philosophy.
From the custom photographers: Appointments, educated & experienced photographers, ordering at another time, privacy, stress reduction, individual image touchups.

Are all sessions by appointment?

Kidzpiks7Absolutely. Your 15 minutes is YOUR 15 minutes. That's why we have a session fee. It guarantee's your time. It's YOUR time; your private, one-on-one, time with your photographer. We do not accept walk-ins, because we do not want to rush you or your photographer.
(Think back ... last time a walk-in session actually worked?)


How long are sessions?

15 minutes.
(Less time to want to run out screaming!)

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